06 Sep, 2010 01:05 PM
To those of you who think you are happy
To those of you who think you understand me
I ask you this: 
are we alive?
sucking air through our smiling mouths
our cold, uncaring hearts 
forcing blood through our veins
we Walk Talk Breathe
what are we but clones?
each imperfection repeated
we are born into this world
where everyone pretends to care
in the end, no one cares
we shoot relief into our veins
mix blood with momentary euphoria
we give out.we die.
everyone plays their part well
cries- says
oh, what a pity
living only to betray
to forget
to laugh behind closed doors
not living
and now I say to them
to you
if you think you are alive
you are wrong
for we do not live
we serve the boundaries of human existence, waiting
waiting for our well-earned freedom
you say you are not suicidal?
say you don't want to die?
comfort yourself
tell yourself its not real its not real not real ITS NOT REAL
rock yourself in your imaginary cradle
and brace yourself
for the truth cannot be silenced
it will destroy the crib you go to when you cannot take anymore
when you have to hide
it will force its way into you 
invade your Mind Body Soul
suffocate you
for if you do not want to die, I ask
how do you know you're not already dead? 
how do you know the world is not an illusion?
you are comforting fantasy world you've built around your soul
comes crashing down around you
and when it's gone
when you're alone
where do you run?
you cannot run from yourself
Tags: Run, Help
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Joker says:
10 Sep, 2010 10:06 PM really should go see a doctor

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Louisa says:
12 Sep, 2010 04:38 AM

you really should hope again. the whole worlds not lost and if it helps i really do care for everyone on this planet and i'd be willing to talk to you to prove it. you may be hurt, i've been hurt to, many times but i still hope and so should you.

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Emily says:
12 Sep, 2010 12:19 PM

i do hope i just rote this like 5 months ago wen i was really depressed

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Kerry says:
26 Oct, 2014 07:03 PM

okay, so im sixteen years old and a few of my fnrdies and i were planning on staying in sydney somewhere, preferably at a backpackers because they are nice and cheap. is it possible to book and pay for the room ourselves ? or do we need a credit card, like at every other hotel ?

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