glimmer in the daarkness


06 Sep, 2010 12:35 PM
I?m hiding behind closed
I?m hiding something
behind my eyes.
the pain and disbelief
i feel all the unspoken sighs.
So this Glimmer in the darkness,
could it be what i was searching for?
will it be something i can hold onto,
or something i will ignore?

i need answers from him or her,
i need the questions to stop coming.
i need to reach out and not be afraid,
i know all this and I?m still running.
cant catch my breath, tripping over my feet.
for Ive been running too long,
what am i going to meet?
dead ends or no ends?
heart breaks or heart aches?
true people or just fakes?
somebody tell me about the glimmer in the
For which Ive been looking for.
Tags: Darkness, Pain, Hurt
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