Mother ...

javier castillo

19 Nov, 2012 09:00 AM
It'll be dim…

All I've known is the dark,

It swallows me like a shark.

Am I the predator or the prey,

I'll never find out with each passing day.

I wish I was never born,

My heart is torn.

I've never known love,

So what's the point of a dove?

They try to be my friends,

But I seem to scatter them like hens.

They cant understand my pain,

I might as well be slain.

I have never known happiness,

Because of my sappiness.

I've been treated so wrong,

For so very long.

I'm a slow dying flower,

In the frost killing hour.

I'm in the darkness,

Being swallowed by the sadness and weakness.

The others can't reach me,

The blackness is an ongoing sea.

I hold my breath,

Waiting for my death.

I cry empty tears,

But they don't end my fears.

When it gets cold,

I almost loose my hold.

Reality slips away,

No matter what I say.

There's no point for them to worry,

I'm not in a hurry.

I still have my past scars,

But I feel no pain when I look to the stars.

My ghosts from the past,

Have come back at last.

My friends don't know,

About my inside foe.

I fight everyday,

Always at the bay.

But I know I shall lose,

That's the only bad news.

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