A man's plea


18 Oct, 2012 10:01 PM
Who can be my secret keeper after you?
Who can be my whole need after you?
Who will stand by me and hear my pains?
And who knows the best way 
of making me demented as your eyes?

Sometimes I come and watch you covertly...
I think with myself 
that I had to pick up you 
when you were a bud...

I'm so tardy...
But who make lullaby for you to sleep nowadays?
I heard that he doesn't care you... 
the strange man,
by God,
don't hurt my love...

Swear that you never deceive her...
Please swear that her eyes 
will never meet any tear
and she will never wait for you late at nights...

Tell me that you love her,
and will love forever...
Now, as she is yours,
look after her and never let her feel lost
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