Insipid Quests


16 Oct, 2012 12:10 PM
have you ever been at the brim 
where you have no choice but to jump?
Have you ever tried walking for a very long time 
but not knowing where to go?

Have you ever been in a situation 
where you need breathe for the sake of living?
Have you ever felt so tired 
that you think all your Labor are meaningless?

each day you wake up wishing 
there will be something new?
Gazing yourself in the mirror 
finding nothing but shadow...

Why is the world so harsh 
that it leaves you nothing but pain?
It does not even give you the choices 
but decide for your fate?

I don't consider that trials makes us stronger
When it leaves us torn apart... 
I don't concede when they say 
that time heals all wounds
When it leaves a scar ...

They smile, they laughed so hard 
when they are at the crowd
but behind those Masks lies bitterness
When they are alone, 
the reality and cruelty of life's 
curtain unfold once again...

nobody can understand you 
even your dearest friend
No one can fathom the severity 
of pain you have felt...

Only the sound of silence can deduce your torment
And the surge of enmity that you felt...
It leaves you cold-hearted 
and think loneliness be your only friend

but despite all of the afflictions and enigmas
The heartaches and anguish that life may bring ...
Never relinquish Your faith for ill feelings 
Because your insipid journeys will come to an end the moment you begin to WORSHIP HIM.
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