Saying I'm Sorry Now


06 Oct, 2012 03:37 PM
I'm sorry for everything I have done wrong
sorry but I miss you, please just come home
I listened to music, but my love is ending
I'm losing my way, but I'm not pretending.

I loved you forever, I always forgave
I need you back, you're the one who saves
me from falling and falling and ending up hurt
I did it over and over again but you're all unhurt

I wanted to see you I'm sorry again
my life flashed before me, 
please let me explain

I wish, you're the one I wanted
quick for my heart is getting haunted
by bad dreams
I'm obsessed
makes me scream
I'm possessed

I see you again
but I don't say a thing
I won't live without pain
this time I wont let you in
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