story of my love

miss love-fate

02 Jul, 2010 01:06 AM
what i have learned by my sorrow, 
is that in this world there is no waiting for tomorrow
pain leaves, then comes back
while in other's is happiness that i lack.

i wasnt always broken like this.
At one time, i smiled and laughed, like i would never enter to this abyss
He sat by me, held my hand while i cried.
And watched as he left at how my heart blead.

He never came back, soon later i stopped beleiving
i would ever see his face while i am still breathing.
Save me i ask.
from this life...i know what i ask, is none other but one painstaking task

But is it humane? 
To watch as i bleed and slowly melt into to insane.
take me from my agony.
spare me my uncertainy...

save me now, 
before i drown...
no longer will i dream
of my love..or so he used to seem.
Tags: Love, Death, Fate
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J.C. says:
21 Jul, 2010 04:36 AM

nice poem..I don't want to imagine that happening to the one I love so much...

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