24 Sep, 2012 02:28 PM
you said 
we would be together
you said 
you loved me
for eternity

you said
so many things
how many did you mean?

you said 
you'd never leave
you did
you said
you be here
you weren't

and now
i'm stuck
watching you leave

you said
you said
you said
you lied.

so now I'm lost
now you're gone
now I know
what lost love is

every movie
every book
every song
reminds me of you

what can I say
what can I do
I need you back
but you won't come
you're gone
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taytay blake says:
16 Mar, 2013 07:44 PM

im a teenage girl that can relate to that. i love this guy and he left me litteraly, he moved to st. louis and then after almost all school year he came back. problem is that he akts like he doesnt know me and he is dateing this other girl yet he still writes letters to me and says he loves me, he wants me back, and hes sorry but he wont give me a chance when i ask him. he says i have to earn his trust again yet he is the one that cheated on me litteraly more that 10 times. i feel your pain and im sorry. for me time doesnt heal wounds, people do.

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