Colorful strangers


28 Aug, 2012 08:59 PM
Like a child. I expect him to 
just walk through the door.
But it's only these familiar strangers...
odd disfigured faces.

Just smiling and trying to grab me.
Clowns dancing in he suns flames. 
Stomping away the dark gray shadows that lie motionless on the floor.

The gases changes their colors 
as the morph along with the smoke.
I'm slowly becoming 1. Chameleons of my insanity.
Driving me farther and farther from humanity.

I say to the rainbow beings" he's here",
but like the crystal ball it cracks.
Colorful strangers dance, 
naked in transparency. 
They laugh & mock. 
He isn't coming back the cheered.

They torture me with his face and voice.
Maybe we'll meet & drive into 
SoHos sunset...or maybe have that drink.
Never knowing my true self with him gone. 
I'm just another colorful stranger in the mirror.
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