You Are My Everything

Mandi Hunt

07 Jul, 2012 06:15 PM
Movie on pause, I stop to cry.
Small voice in my head telling me to die.
You're off with that other girl, I'm here all alone.
My voice no longer has that enthusiastic tone.

Torn to pieces, I don't know what to do.
Moving on I know I can't, but it will be easy for you.
My friends so far away, I have no one by my side.
Looking around for possibilities, I have no where to hide.

Reading over, and over at the last note you gave.
Pathetic it sounds but all things of yours, 
I have to save.
“Don't do it” they warned me, “You will get hurt”
Now I look at myself, my feelings crushed and spread in the dirt.

Deep down I knew you were a jerk 
but I was blinded by love, or so I thought.
You have a sick love net and foolish me got caught.

Moist pillow beneath my head, there's no way out.
Wanting to forget you is impossible, 
you're all I think about.

Don't know what to do, so lost in confusion.
I look at you and the whole world, 
turns into some big illusion. 

Trying to stay positive, 
I hope you might give a second chance.
But from your evil stares, 
between us, there is no romance.

The clothes I wore, I tried to impress.
Now not caring, I look like a mess.
I loved you with a passion but you broke my heart.
I know it can't be healed soon 
but gathering the pieces is a start.

Warm happy feelings to me you would bring
You are my everything.
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Lilli says:
03 Feb, 2013 03:04 AM

Lovely. Glad you of many people got to go through this experience and actually learn something from it.

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