An empty life without you


02 Jun, 2012 02:29 PM
Autumn’s breeze blows summers leaves through my mind
Alone, I sit on this bench, but recall a time
Before my days were filled with such emptiness
When I thought you would always be mine

My memory wanders back to a time when I was young
So full of passion was my love for you
For a while I knew you desired the same
But you became tired of us and away you did run

It was your wish to walk away and not to say goodbye,
I said I’d never forget you and to this I’ve been true
But loving memories mixed with pain and tears
And a single photo is all I've left of you

Although my eyesight is fading 
and it’s becoming hard to see
The memory of your face remains vivid to me
This tear stained photo is all I have left
Of an intended love that was never again to be 

With a trembling hand, to my heart I hold it close
So that again our spirits may beat as one
That is where I desire it to be 
When it’s time for my days to be done

This cool breeze tickles the back of my neck
The way your fingertips used to caress
Could it be you coming for me?
Or just Gods way of continuing his torture of me

My days are dwindling and I've made my peace
I’m ready for what’s next, but will you be there?
Taking me by the hand, I pray you desire
For I've waited so long to know if you still care

If I see your smile, of Heaven, I’ll have no doubt
Tears of pain will turn to joy if I see your face
But if it’s my destiny that I’m still alone  
I’ll know I’m in the wrong place

Paradise, willingly I will walk away from
To again have you at my side
And spend eternity looking for you
To finally make you my bride

Each night the nurse returns me to my room
Of how many mornings left, I am unsure
I pray each night to be my last
For all this loneness is hard to endure
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no name says:
09 Jan, 2013 09:01 PM

I hope you find fulfillment, your poem was lovely.

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daljeet singh says:
21 Feb, 2013 06:09 PM

Heart's toching

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