19 May, 2010 06:01 PM
her name is like water,
on a hot summer day.
her name is in a melody,
her name is rae.
she sits in her pastel room,
combing through hair the color of grain.
she combs through the tangles,
and winces in pain.
her eyes are turquoise blue,
seeing all but not understanding.
and if you look deep enough,
it's love that they're demanding.
she walks through her school,
arms linked with fake friends.
she smiles, secretly holding back tears,
wanting it all to end.
she's walking home,
while the snow falls down.
her phone rings,
and it's in love that she's drown.
her face turns bright red,
as he says "i love you"
her smile isn't forced,
and she doesn't feel blue.
all that night,
her mind is stirring with him.
she's smiling and feeling good,
until the lights start to dim.
the next day at school,
he stays with her despite his friends.
she's blushing and giggling,
and it's love they begin to bend.
the bell rings,
and everyone leaves for class.
they look around,
alone at last.
she watches the last of them walk away,
and she looks back up to him.
he's leaning down to kiss her lips,
now she can't feel her limbs.
she had first tasted love,
in her own school halls.
by the vending machines,
was the first time she'd lost all.
7 months pass nicely,
and they're so in love.
but people started to talk,
and off came the glove.
rumors spread like a wildfire,
and it broke her heart.
it was obvious he was sick of it,
and they were torn apart.
he doesn't look at her anymore,
because his rep. is trashed.
now, it's her pour heart,
that is in pieces and bashed.
she now sits alone at home,
staring at her white door.
she closes her eyes and cries,
as she remembers her label: a whore.
she's all alone once again,
and her friends have left her side.
it seems her that everything wasn't real,
and this part of her life was lied.
she had never tasted love,
until he walked into her life.
and now she struggles,
with the left over strife.
the saddest part of this story,
is that it's completely true, you see.
however, her name wasn't rae.
for, this girl, she is me.
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