Plea to my dad


14 May, 2012 11:39 AM
Ever since I can remember 
you have been there right by my side
helping me with day to day decisions 
daddy's little pride. 

maybe it would be easier to take
if you hadn't run away 
I am the first to say I made mistakes 
but I'm your child, its not the same. 

the hardest thing is you left your wife
the most beautiful person I know 
I've never seen her so broken 
why did you have to go? 

I understand you were unhappy 
I hope you have found what you need
I just wish you would get in contact
so to you this is my plea. 

Dad what have you done with yourself
I have never seen so many tears
the three daughters you have left 
they just want you to be here. 

eighteen whole years with my dad around 
its hard not to know where you are
I know your somewhere in Thailand 
but that's just too far. 
We will always wait for your call 
I just hope you don't forget 
you have a family here
an please don't do something you will regret.
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