The Switch


14 Feb, 2012 07:31 PM
As she sat upon her bed in tears 
She wondered if everything that
was once a dream became her fears

the one she loved who stole her heart
the one she thought they would never be part
at first he came with flowers and joy 
he loved her he admired her he seemed so coy

as the tears trickled down her face 
she gazed upon the distance with disgrace 
the one she loved cursed her and put her down
he sat there with a grin and made her frown'
she became the cheap talk of her little town

there was once a time when there was kisses and hugs 
but now all he can think about was his drugs
she cried and pleaded but he didn't care
where there was once a beautiful smile 
was replaced with an empty stare

as time followed she put a happy face on 
and continued to think all is well
but her love became worse, terrible, and frail
he didn't grab for her hand or her love 
he grabbed for the needle 
he only fought for the drug

when she got off the bed and ran to her phone
she then just realized she will forever be alone 
the message read that her love was dead 
he did too much and she felt and known that anything she could do wasn't enough
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