broken heart of a good guy

Daniel Ramirez

14 Feb, 2012 05:09 AM
They say guys are heartless 
and that they make girls cry
if they only that..that is a total lie

There are guys on this earth 
that know how to treat a girl right
They put her on a pedestal and begin to lose sight 

Next thing you know you find out what it really was 
she breaks your heart into pieces, 
that's where you realize what true love really does

your mind becomes a haze of disoriented thoughts
you wonder if it was worth it..
all those obstacles you fought

Those countless hours contemplating
Those countless hours meditating 
Of how your future looks with that person in it
but she doesn't feel the same 
and you don't want to admit it

Then denial becomes your insanity
And all you wonder is...what did i do, 
why is she mad at me?

You become sick and empty and sad
Nothing you do can provide you 
with the happiness she gave you that made you glad

Days become months and 
you feel yourself losing control
Till that broken heart 
just becomes lifeless and cold 

I wasn't just another guy trying to spit game 
But you judged me like all these other guys, 
exactly the same

I swear my feelings were true 
and I let you know that 
I couldn't live without you
Yet it wasn't enough to convince you 
of what i felt
You made me feel invincible yet 
she was the only one that could make my heart melt

I can't believe this is how it ends
I don't know where I went wrong...I can't comprehend....
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sayantani says:
05 Dec, 2012 04:20 PM

not bad... but nowadays its 2 difficult 2 find any1 reliable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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