The One

Khaled Mohamad

28 Jan, 2012 01:24 PM
Life's never really the same,
Once you've found the one,
To my life she brings joy,
She brings hope, she brings fun.

I remember it so clearly,
When I was merely eleven,
How she stepped into my life,
From then on life was heaven.

She looked at me with much hope
She slowly gazed with her eyes,
My heart slowly shed a tear,
And began to cry.

For I knew from then, she had to be mine,
Or i'd live in regret,
So I got the nerve to talk to her,
And began to break a sweat.
But then it went fine, 
And she was quite cool,
She was so smart, she was so bright,
Easily acing school.

A few months went by,
And my heart was falling for her,
"You're an amazing person,"
She said in a whisper.
Then we gave ourselves that label,
That changed my entire life,
She made me her best-friend,
She's not my girlfriend, nor my wife.
Years began to pass, 

More secrets were told,
She was amazing, 
In my heart she was gold.
I wanted to tell her,
That she was my love,
I was afraid of the consequences,
That would occur above,
So I just kept quite, 
For old times sake,
For it was now prom night,
We brought out the cake!

She told me her boyfriend had lied to her,
And wasn't taking her anywhere,
She asked if I could take her,
My heart began to flair. 
I took her that night, 
But just as her friend,
She later kissed me, 
Thanked me for the hand I lend.
Then many years followed,

We were now all grown up,
I was sipping my coffee, 
straight out of my cup.
When a letter arrived, 
On the front was her name,
I wasn't quite sure,
Why she was playing this game.
She was getting married,
To the "man of her dreams",
I wanted to shout,
I wanted to scream!
Although, instead,
I went to the wedding,
She thanked me for coming,
And showed me her ring.

She kissed me on the cheek, 
Right before I left,
Told me about the proposal,
How her husband knelt.
I wanted to tell her,
I wanted her to know,
That I couldn't go on living,
With her marrying a man named Joe!
I wanted to describe my love to her,
From the very beginning, 
But I was just oh so scared,
But still, my heart she was winning. 

So life went on,
And years passed by,
Day after day, 
I sat down to cry.
After half a century,
I got another letter,
Although this one,
Just made me bitter.
So then I decided,
To go to that destination,
And god how I wished,
It was all my imagination.

Tears flowed down everyone there,
Everyone looked so sad,
I saw her in her tomb,
The girl I never had.
Tears ran down my face,
I should have said something,
But I was too scared,
My heart was worrying. 
What came next,
Came to me as a shock,
They found her diary,
Time stopped in a lock.

"I wish he knew,
How much I loved him,
But he doesn't feel the same,
So my love has to condemn. 
Prom was fun,
I wanted him forever,
I don't want to get married,
I'm not acting clever!
I just wish,
He wanted me back,
But he never says anything,
Life's just one big slack."
I didn't know what to do,
I didn't know what to say,
A part of me died then,
I was not okay.
For once you've found, 
The beautiful "one",
The one who to you,
Is more precious than the sun,
You have to inform her,
That you want more than a friend,
For everything in life,
Has to come to an end...
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shonna says:
15 Nov, 2012 03:29 AM

amazing poem are you muslim by chance ?

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Sarah says:
15 Nov, 2012 08:59 PM

Sad. Did it happen to urself?

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