Best Thing

Faliha Ishma

12 Feb, 2013 08:30 AM
I was sad, i was lonely
You were there, hugged me tightly
You turned all my pains
Into a face full of smiles

You were everything
I wouldn't trade you for anything
Thanks for being there
When i had stories to share

We were happy at that moment
Did not care about everyone's comment
We were always together
I thought that we would last forever

But then you're gone
Far away, to the place that i've never known
You told me about your illness
All i could see was just sadness

You kissed me fast
You hugged me for the last
You cried when you held my hand
I knew it was the end

You said that you would leave me
Went to the place i couldn't see
Back then i should know
That was the end of our show

Rain began to pour
You fell down to the floor
You told me that you would die
But you begged me not to cry

You hugged me in the crowd
Whispered "I'm going to see the God"
Did you know my feeling?
I felt like i was dying

Then i saw you died
With a coffin you were wrapped
I couldn't feel anything
For me, God took the best thing

Why it should be you?
I couldn't stand in my shoe
I laid down on my bed
Things were going really bad

I visited your grave
I didn't see your wave
I have to admit that you're already gone
I just need to move on

Right now i am smiling
Tears are falling
I will tell you something, count until five
You were the best thing, in my whole life
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