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Your Dad Will Never Love You...

Kimberly Frizzell

21 Sep, 2017 01:22 AM

I use to see my dad when I was younger, for some reason whenever I grew up I would see him less and less. I was on my bike and I got ran over by a motorcycle. We went to the doctors and we had to get my dad information but we didn't have it so we had to call him and the last thing he said to me was that he loved me... Couple years later and I haven't seen my dad since that accident. Christmas 2015 I was at my grandmas and my whole dads side of the family was in so we were gonna get family pictures. The day before family pictures my cousin said "I'm not suppose to tell you this but I heard your dad might be coming and I thought you should know." I was stunned and I just said thanks for telling me... [Read More]

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A way with dreams


14 Dec, 2012 07:59 PM

First of all this isn't going to be the best, but I will try my best to explain everything and all the details. This may not be a very sad story but too me it's my story. Okay, so my life has always been good, at least to me it was. I had an amazing dad who I loved me more than anything else in the entire world. He meant everything to me, he was my best friend! Everyday I would sit on his lap and we would always watch TV, Sanford and son, blazing saddles and more, but loved watching them with him. I was a huge daddy’s girl like most girls, I was his little girl and I always was. We had money, we weren't rich or anything but everyday we would go out and eat. He was a firemen, been there for over 17 years and... [Read More]

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Dear dad,


18 Jun, 2012 11:09 AM

Yesterday was fathers day, I was on Facebook scrolling through endless pictures of all my friends with their fathers knowing I never had that and never would. why? Because you replaced me with your new wife and kids.Its been 1 full year and you still haven't called to tell me you got married. The whole family went but no one told me. No one called saying,Hey Clarissa your dad just got married. I had to find out from my cousin through facebook 3 months AFTER you got married! I haven't talked to you for the past 3 months because I choose not to. Do you know that I went to the hospital for cutting too deep on my birthday? Did you know that I stay up all night looking at the new pictures of you and "your family". do you remember in December when I called you crying saying that... [Read More]

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Dear Dad <3


13 Oct, 2011 07:24 PM

Dear Dad, I still remember that dark night. Your sister or my aunt was here to visit you. She came with your crippled step mom and her husband who loved you as a brother so much. They were laughing about stories until there was a screech of police cars outside. The Vibrant colors of red and blue filled the house through the windows. I was only about to be seven so my mom told me to hide in the room. I was really nosy i know, so i pressed my ear to the door. My hair got in my eyes but i had a feeling of what i was going to hear was going to be really important so i ignored it. I heard my mom footsteps go down the main hall and the click of the door opening. She screamed. I stood up but i thought of her getting... [Read More]

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My Father

Matthew Guevara

16 Oct, 2010 12:11 AM

was recently asked a sentimental question for a class assignment. My teacher asked ?If you could travel to anytime in your life, when/where would it be. And why?? After about a day?s work of pondering that question, I have finally come up with an answer. If I could travel to anytime it would have to be September 11th 2001. My name is Matthew Guevara and I would like to tell you the story behind my answer to this question. When I was ten years old my life seemed simple, it was fantastic. I had a mother who loved me, a father who was always there for me, an older brother who taught me the meaning of brotherly love, and a little sister on the way. It started on September 5th 2001. The day was a warm day down in Texas and my dad made plans for the whole family to... [Read More]

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I love you daddy!!


15 Jul, 2010 11:00 PM

Thank you for taking the time to read this :) Me and my daddy have a very close relationship, and of course, I am a daddy's girl. As I was growing up, he constantly reminded me that I was ALWAYS going to be his little girl no matter what. It didn't really bother me until I got to my teenage years. You know how most teenage girls are, they like to be isolated from their parents and they like to be treated like adults. That's how I was when I was about 14 or 15 years old. We would spend alot of time together, like fishing, bowling, and ice skating. He said, he loved spending time with his little girl. This is when it bothered me.. "DAD!" is usually what I would yell when he called me this. "I know I'm your daughter and I know you love me, but... [Read More]

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