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this sounds like my life right know and what i am thinking about this boy.......
oh my gosh you really cant let him get away with this and yet i though me getting raped was bad, but your is wrost never end your life please pray and god will listen and ask him to help and dont kill yourself i have had to many friends die and its the worst thing ever your mother would miss you like crazy and if you dont tell your dad could end up doing it to someone else and please dont let that happen
the same thing happened to me it happened to me last year 2010 and im still not over i told my mother to late but i still hate to get close to a guy my boy friend broke up with me whenever i rufused to kiss him but then i told him and he understood but i cant even get close to a guy or be alone with one bc im so scared
i am so sorry i even cried reading this it was so sad i know how you felt the same thing happened to but only it was just one guy and im sooo so sorry this happened i hate it when this happeneds i really know how you felt
okay so the same thing happened to me i thought i was in love with this guy, but after 2 years of a great relationship he cheated on me i cried and cried and cried!!!! but i also kept dating him and dumping him because i didn't want to loose him, plus he was my first boy friend and my first kiss, he cheated on me with so many girls and some my best friends, and you didnt do anything wrong i promise he just didnt know what he had untill he lost it trust me i had no one