Love For "Phindi" [ladyfinger]

Joban Dhaliwal

13 Apr, 2010 07:06 AM

27-05-2008 {Tuesday} in last period..........I was standing with her.......on the same bench in the class.........I think we both r punished for not answering the question by are Punjabi teacher..........while standing................... I sudden look in her eyes and my eyes were fully flown in her eyes...........for the few movements I was totally lost in her felling of love...........I was seeing her love for me.......... I don't know why?? and after while I start writing on her left hand ......the think that I was unable to tell her for almost three and half year........that was I love u ...........while I am writing on her hand I am getting a felling of love from her............I don't know why?? .........firstly I take my pen ........and the first word that I wrote was "I" in small letters than I wrote 'u' on her ring finger.........and than I silently draw the shape of heart on her... [Read More]

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must read !!!!!!!!!

11 Apr, 2010 10:48 PM

there once was a boy and a girl and the girl really liked the boy but he didn't feel the same way. so one day the girl went to go tell the boy that she loved him when suddenly she found her bff kissing him she was so heartbroken and wrote the boy a letter and it said {i saw what you did today and i was about to say i loved you and now i cant say anything all i can do is cry i dont know why you did this and now i never want to see you again.} 3 weeks past and the boy wrote her a letter back and it said { im very sorry i didn't mean to make you sad i was about to say the same thing i love you and i really do im really sorry for what i did } she... [Read More]

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never saw him again


11 Apr, 2010 08:50 AM

This happened 2 years ago.. My mother decided to live with my grandma and grandpa in the province since my dad died. At first, I was excited to go there, but when the day finally came that we'll move out, I regretted on going there. I can't do anything about it anymore. So, I did my best to look happy when I'm with my grandparents and mother. Every night I cry to sleep 'coz I miss my brothers and sister, of course my friends. It was summer break that time. Then after a month, school started. It was very first day of school. I was attending in a private school. At first, I was shy to talk to everyone because I came from a different place. But my classmates were nice. They all gathered around me and asked things about me. I was happy because I made friends on the... [Read More]

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I am broken inside......

Felicia Fong

10 Apr, 2010 11:46 PM

Well, I am from Malaysia. I moved to Singapore just to get my education. At first, I did not agree with my parents on going to Singapore. However,I finally agreed when my parents said that if I go to Singapore, I will get higher chances to get into a good university(Ya, I am quite young then). Now, I really really regretted coming here. On my first day of school in Singapore, I felt very lonely. Nobody talks to me. I guess that they don't really want to talk to an international student. But, there is only one guy. Well, ok ok, a VERY cute guy talked to me. He was the first to talk to me although I am an international student. Since that day, my friends increased because of him. He introduced all his friends to me. Life starts to get better because of him. Every morning, he will... [Read More]

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10 Apr, 2010 02:08 PM

I was always lonley... staring out the window on the bus was my hobby. The last time my heart fell apart that took weeks to put together, I promised myself, my heart, and my soul that I would never let anyone into my heart that easily ever again. Until she sat next to me. She was the first to give me a smile. And she quietly whispered in my ear, a stranger I've never met that said "If 1000 roses could impress a girl, just 1 hug will heal any heart".I had to burst out laughing although I never knew why. Soon we became friends. Weeks past and we became best friends. Months past and we became lovers. We decided to take a stroll outside for the first time and all she could ever do was stare at me. At my eyes. and soon I asked her "If you could... [Read More]

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why do u guys hurt girls

alana scream

09 Apr, 2010 05:22 PM

well im alana i fell in love with my best friend he was my world and then after two years i told him how i felt, well robert didnt feel the same way, and we stopped being friends. it hurt me so bad, i had night mares about him leaven me for months and months and then one day i was on myspace and this realy cute guy names javier commented me, i got excited, he was so cute and something told me to talk to him. well after we talked for about 3 months he told me he loved me and i was so happy and it filled my heart with happiness, after we talked for 6 months he asked me out and i agreed cause i really loved him too. he just made me feel so good about myself and everything felt so right and when we kissed... [Read More]

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Broken Heart

Trinaa Anna

09 Apr, 2010 12:58 PM

I just moved to Finland, and I was really sad, because I lost all of my friends back in the other country. The guy that I met on the internet went to the same school as I do now, last year. So we started talking like 4 or mby even 5 months ago. I know that sounded weird, "i met him on the internet" and all of my new friends were making fun of me .. liking him :( so one day he decided to come to Finland and visit his "old" friends. So he came and, we didn't have any time to be alone, or to talk and stuff. And it was really awkward between us, in real life. So on the end of the day, when we went to Mc(loads of ppl) , I got really upset about the fact that he is leaving to his home, and... [Read More]

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You said you will never let go


09 Apr, 2010 11:22 AM

we started as friends,then lovers,you made me feel so complete,you made my dreams come true,when I was afraid Ill run to you,and you will hold me in your arms as u promised me you will never let go...... For the past two years its been crazy Maquel.We where always on and off,work always got in the way,you toured the world with your band,and I always stayed at home waiting for you. I remembered when you came back from tour,I always waited for you on the front lawn,seeing you smile just brought happiness into my life,it was worth the wait for 5 months. But their where times when the rock and roll life got in the way,fame ,girls,drugs,and fights between me and you.You where amazed that I held onto you through those hard times,I think you forgot that I said I will always be there. Then one night you left with... [Read More]

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never forgottan


08 Apr, 2010 02:50 PM

one night out with a couple friends we met up with a couple of guys one of them i didnt know. by the end of the night/morning we got to know each other really well. every day after we met we would talk for hours hangout everyday for weeks. thats when we started dating. 7 months we were together we shared everything together, one morning after spending the night together he whispered i love you in my ear and i knew i loved him too what we had was incredible we were the couple everyone talked about we saw each other every day for as long as we could. than he got into trouble with the cops and had a warrant out for his arrest he came and saw me at my house on oct 29 and told me he loved me and that he wanted to spend Halloween together... [Read More]

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Lost Love


07 Apr, 2010 09:19 PM

I once had a boyfriend named Daniel. He was always very sweet and would bring me gifts often. He constantly called me beautiful and always was by my side when I needed him. The down side of the relationship was he would always talk to other girls when we were on dates. I tried not to become jealous, but I finally lost my mind after months of dating him. He canceled a date because he was sick. I decided to go to his house to cheer him up, but all I found was my sister and him kissing on the couch. I left the house immediately without letting them know I was ever there. The second I got back to my house I started to burst into tears. My heart ached for the next few days. When Daniel finally contacted me to go out on a date, I decided to... [Read More]

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