just got used


17 Mar, 2010 04:17 AM

so, i had this boyfriend when i was just 12, it lasted for about 3 months. I was so happy, because, out of all the guys having a crush on me, i finally found him, my OWN crush, he had a crush on me back then, just like most of the guys. It was like an unspoken attraction, he courted me. then i said yes, but sadly it ended coz i had to transfer schools, just then, after a few months my friend was able to talk the guy, and turns out, he just used me to become popular. he never liked me. But until now i still like him. im already 16...... [Read More]

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my primary love


16 Mar, 2010 01:58 AM

i love this boy so very much but he never likes me back i am so sad i keep everything he gives me.I keep all our special pics together.Now he doesn't even notice me all talk to me at all we go our separate ways eve though i will never be brave enough to tell him that i love him. so i hope he comes across this and knows it was me i will now tell him his name ali.sa it's jasmine... [Read More]

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She would even die for him...


14 Mar, 2010 06:09 PM

This story is about my most closest and bestest friend in the universe and what she did for her true love...(kind of long but please read it if you can...) Emily walked into her 3rd period class Tuesday morning with a casual mood on. She came and sat down in her regular seat and noticed that someone that she didn't know was sitting in the desk next to her. "Hi, my name is Emily." Emily, the nicest person that I've ever met, greeted the new student in ease. "Hi, I'm Chris." The new kid replied. Chris was the new kid. He was very charming and Emily was very interested in him. She thought he had beautiful, brown eyes and he had perfectly cut hair. "So, are you new here?" Emily asked. She was always the type of person to question everything but that's why a lot of people liked her... [Read More]

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Sweet pain


09 Mar, 2010 02:57 PM

Here's the story of me and the love of my life .. Although I'm still 13 and so many people might think that my love life is still at the beginning, I don't think I'll ever fall in love again ... We used to be best friends when we were 7 years old and that's when it all started.I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. But then I knew he loved someone else. Every year he loved another one but they never shared him the same feeling.And with every new love my heart got broken more than the last time. Until last year, when he fell in love with a girl that used him to be a popular person in school. They were lovers, or at least he thought so, and I couldn't bear to see my love with another person. At first he didn't know... [Read More]

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Best Friends(kind of long)

Brenna Marie

08 Mar, 2010 07:09 PM

We had been friends since we were young, and I never forgot that day that I met him. We where 5 and we were both looking for frogs. I was young but I liked him. Almost everyday we went to look for frogs. Until one day he didn't come. I went two days later he didn't come that day either. Years pass, and it was the first day of High School, we do roll call and I hear a name that sounds so familiar, then I here that person calling out, "here". He is right behind me, I turn around, and there is that boy from when we are young. He sees me too and his eyes get wide and we just stare and smile at each other for hours it seems. A few weeks later we go out, and weeks together turns into months, and months turns into years... [Read More]

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06 Mar, 2010 12:47 AM

I wonder at times what is love? There is more than showing expressions and feelings to who you love. Today is going to be the worst day of my life, telling him that today was my last day and it was my first and last dance with Matt. He came to my house and pick me up. It was quite the whole ride, I wonder why isn't he talking to me, is he mad at me? did I do something wrong? "So are you nervous about the dance?" I asked clueless. "A little" he said confident. Later in the night a my favorite song came. "Wanna dance?" matt asked nervously. "Sure" As we danced I felt that the hardest moment to tell him that I'll be gone tonight is right now. But I don't want to tell him later it feels as if it is too late. "umm, I think... [Read More]

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Once loved not now


04 Mar, 2010 08:35 PM

It was a rainy day in September me and my girl friend went to a movie, we sat all through the movie holding hands. We felt the same way about each other, 3 years passed now in my senior year in high school. I thought me and my girl friend were going to live our life together forever..... one day I received a text message saying " my love for you has failed my apologies, but we have to go our separate ways. live your life without me and be happy......" that nearly killed me. Years passed after sharing a long life as a friend with my ex- she died. my friend was now gone the only girl I ever love and the first and still the last. a journal was read at her funeral it was from high school saying " i loved him and still do i broke... [Read More]

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The love of my life let me down......

ashley condivence

03 Mar, 2010 11:19 AM

One day I was outside my house.... it was a nice summer day on '09 A boy named Brandon came up to me and said hey my name is Brandon than I said hi my name is Ashley....... when I saw him, I feel in love with him even when I first saw him....... we were going out for 3 months until one day he told me he would never leave me. i thought about it for a minute, and I did trust him with my life, he would always hug me until it was valentine day. I got a text from him saying..... Ashley are you up? i texed him back "yeah, hey baby happy valentines day"..... he replyed back saying...... we cant be toghter any more........ i cant take it im sorry but i will always love you..... i broke out with tears crying the whole day and... [Read More]

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undestined love...


27 Feb, 2010 09:17 AM

people reading this story may think that its not right and i understand that too....but that did not stop me from falling in love with one of my students. i was 25 years old when i started teaching in high school. i was teaching Ukrainian language. it was my first year teaching in high school and i was very nerves. when i applied for the job, they told me the same thing that i was "young and unexperienced." but since they really need the teacher, they hired me. the first day a group of boy walked in loud giving each other high-fives and laughing. i told them couple of times to take there seats as i was standing in front of the room waiting for everyone to arrive. as i said it the 3rd time one of the guys looked at me and he continued to stare and i could... [Read More]

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24 Feb, 2010 11:19 AM

There once was a girl(lea) and a boy(Casey), they loved each other very much.. they went to the park every day and hung out.. laughing about their screw ups at school that day.. they held each other, kissed each other, Lea loved Casey so much. One day she got a text from Casey asking to meet at the usual place(park). Lea replied ok.. and after school she walked nervously to the park.. Lea got there and found Casey sitting on the bench. She asked what was wrong.. Casey replied "no, i just wanted to see you" Casey hands her a teddy bear.. every day Casey and Lea would go to the park Casey would give Lea a teddy bear.. so Leas room was full of Teddy Lea gave Casey a hug and said"thanks ill put it with all the other ones" Casey gave Lea a kiss and said they are... [Read More]

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