22 Mar, 2010 02:15 PM

Once I fell in love with a boy called Cameron. He was so perfect in my eyes, and seemed to be just right for me. Unfortunately, he didn't love me back, and told me he wasn't ready for a lasting relationship. My heart was breaking, but I kept smiling, and I told him that I understood. He looked at me with those big, brown eyes, and smiled at me. Then, he walked away. A few days later, he came up to me and pushed me over very hard. I fell backwards and sprained my left wrist, but I never showed how much it hurt. He called me a few horrible names, spat on the floor next to me and walked away again. I felt horrible, rejected, and the worst part was that I never knew the reason why he did it. I waited until the next day, and realized that... [Read More]

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Love will never be the same


21 Mar, 2010 11:32 AM

i had once believed love was going to be okay between me and this one guy i had always dreamed about but one day we both got into a huge argument and he would hit me so badly that i would cry and said, " I WISH YOU WERE DEAD AND I WISH I NEVER MEET YOU!" my heart started breaking in half and tears were streaming down my face just thinking how painful to see him stand there looking hurt at me. I wish i disappeared to the different world where i belong and then everything would be okay. so then i felt scared enough to scream but i held it back so then he walk out of my life. one day, i was hanging out with my friends in the school until i saw the ambulance drove past us and i realize Alex's mother was following them so... [Read More]

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20 Mar, 2010 07:25 PM

6th Grade Ms. Gillis, my sixth grade teacher, was taking attendance as the counselor and a new student walked into the classroom. "Hello, Ms. Hunt!" Ms Gillis said happily. "Hi, Ms Gillis. Hi class. This is your brand new student, Matthew." Ms. Hunt said as she motioned towards Matt. "Well, hello there Matt. My name is Ms. Gillis. I will be your sixth grade teacher for this year." Ms. Gillis smiled as she greeted Matt with ease. Matt just looked at everyone with a nervous grin on his face. I thought he was cute. I loved his brown eyes and his hair was just perfect. There was nothing that could make me stop liking him. There was an empty desk next to me and I prayed as hard as I could so that Ms. Gillis would seat him next to me. Ms. Gillis was smart. She sat him next to... [Read More]

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Some Good Things Never Last

Fly N Dance

18 Mar, 2010 05:23 PM

It's been one long hour she?s been staring at the window. It?s one gloomy morning she thought. She just arrived from Paris the night before. She?s still jet-lagged but she has already slept a bit. She hurried to the door when she heard Ciara approaching. ?Hi Mom, you?re up already?? ?Of course baby, I missed you.?, she gave her daughter a big hug. ?Can we go out today?? ?Mom, you?re wrong timing eh. We?re going out today with Tita Anne. She?s teaching me with horseback riding. Daddy?s downstairs waiting for me. Can we just go out tomorrow? I have to go na mom. Love you Mom?, then she kissed her and walked out the door. She can?t help but noticed that her baby is already a grown up. She?s already 12 years old. She had her when she?s barely 19. She hadn?t finished her studies yet. She was so young... [Read More]

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first love


17 Mar, 2010 03:06 PM

i had been transferred to a new school. i was a freshman 14 years old and when i first got to that school i didnt had p.e and for some reason i did everything i could to get one and i finally got it. and thats where i met him my first love the one that showed me how to love and the one that broke my heart so bad when he broke up with me i felt like my life was falling apart like some part of me wasn't living anymore and i found out he was doing me wrong all the time. me and him went out and that really broke my heart i wanted to die the whole time we went out he treated me lyk shit and kept hurting me but i let him do that to me cause i loved him and i was scare... [Read More]

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just got used


17 Mar, 2010 04:17 AM

so, i had this boyfriend when i was just 12, it lasted for about 3 months. I was so happy, because, out of all the guys having a crush on me, i finally found him, my OWN crush, he had a crush on me back then, just like most of the guys. It was like an unspoken attraction, he courted me. then i said yes, but sadly it ended coz i had to transfer schools, just then, after a few months my friend was able to talk the guy, and turns out, he just used me to become popular. he never liked me. But until now i still like him. im already 16...... [Read More]

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my primary love


16 Mar, 2010 01:58 AM

i love this boy so very much but he never likes me back i am so sad i keep everything he gives me.I keep all our special pics together.Now he doesn't even notice me all talk to me at all we go our separate ways eve though i will never be brave enough to tell him that i love him. so i hope he comes across this and knows it was me i will now tell him his name it's jasmine... [Read More]

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She would even die for him...


14 Mar, 2010 06:09 PM

This story is about my most closest and bestest friend in the universe and what she did for her true love...(kind of long but please read it if you can...) Emily walked into her 3rd period class Tuesday morning with a casual mood on. She came and sat down in her regular seat and noticed that someone that she didn't know was sitting in the desk next to her. "Hi, my name is Emily." Emily, the nicest person that I've ever met, greeted the new student in ease. "Hi, I'm Chris." The new kid replied. Chris was the new kid. He was very charming and Emily was very interested in him. She thought he had beautiful, brown eyes and he had perfectly cut hair. "So, are you new here?" Emily asked. She was always the type of person to question everything but that's why a lot of people liked her... [Read More]

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Sweet pain


09 Mar, 2010 02:57 PM

Here's the story of me and the love of my life .. Although I'm still 13 and so many people might think that my love life is still at the beginning, I don't think I'll ever fall in love again ... We used to be best friends when we were 7 years old and that's when it all started.I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. But then I knew he loved someone else. Every year he loved another one but they never shared him the same feeling.And with every new love my heart got broken more than the last time. Until last year, when he fell in love with a girl that used him to be a popular person in school. They were lovers, or at least he thought so, and I couldn't bear to see my love with another person. At first he didn't know... [Read More]

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Best Friends(kind of long)

Brenna Marie

08 Mar, 2010 07:09 PM

We had been friends since we were young, and I never forgot that day that I met him. We where 5 and we were both looking for frogs. I was young but I liked him. Almost everyday we went to look for frogs. Until one day he didn't come. I went two days later he didn't come that day either. Years pass, and it was the first day of High School, we do roll call and I hear a name that sounds so familiar, then I here that person calling out, "here". He is right behind me, I turn around, and there is that boy from when we are young. He sees me too and his eyes get wide and we just stare and smile at each other for hours it seems. A few weeks later we go out, and weeks together turns into months, and months turns into years... [Read More]

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