Grandmothers Death - Cancer


03 Apr, 2010 02:11 AM

For years she has been to sick to walk up-stairs to her bedroom to sleep. We've had to order a hospital bed, and a wheel chair for her and put it in the living room. She is afraid to be by herself and she has fought through hard times of poverty and violence. Yesterday she was 63, today she would be 64.. It seems like it was only yesterday when I saw her face, the sad lonely look gleaming from her eyes, the fear of dying from day-to-day. She was a loving women who gave and never received. She had many illnesses. Stage 4 Cancer, Diabetes, Low Blood Pressure, Pain, Paralyzed Left Lung, One Working Kidney, along with many other problems that left many doctors pondering to their self, "How does she keep going?" Day 1: One day, she went to the hospital with an asthma attack. I thought nothing... [Read More]

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his dream


01 Apr, 2010 05:32 PM

ok so this guy is incredibly amazing. my absolute true love. i love him with all my heart. one day i heard from my friends that a rumor was spreading around that he had a dream about another girl. my heart broke into a million pieces. i was ready to burst into a million tears. how could he do this to me. he said he loved me i guess that was another lie he told me.for the rest of the day i was in a complete depression. i didnt talk, i didnt eat or drink all i did was stare at the walls. after 10th period he usually hugged me, but that day, when he came in for a hug i pushed him away.said nothing. didnt even look at him, and walked away. i thought that was the end for both of us. i guess that was it i couldnt... [Read More]

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01 Apr, 2010 06:29 AM

Every night, it's always the same dream. It probably wouldn't frighten anyone else. It's not really scary. There's no blood and gore. It always features the same man, around twenty, dressed in black. Just your normal guy. When he speaks, it's like your own personal hell has begun. But the worst part is that the dream is impossible to remember. The only thing I'm able to remember is his smile, a disturbing smile that chills be to the bone. And always, at the end of the dream, he will say, "Remember nothing". Then, the dream will shatter, and I will be left with nothing, because no one could possibly understand the horror of this dream. And always, just like he intended, I won't be able to remember anything.The dream is killing me. I'm afraid to go to sleep at night, fearing the return of the man. I won't eat or... [Read More]

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i love him too much


31 Mar, 2010 01:20 PM

i love this boy soo much i cry just at thought of losing him. no one believes that i love with all my heart. they tell me that it isnt love but if this isnt love then wat is? because i have never felt like this. i used to be emo u no cutting myself. but then he came and i stopped. he did that. he changed my life. he takes my breath away. i mean evertime we kiss it has that rollercoaster tummy twister rush. i now this is love.its like the notebook love. we fight and fight and fight but we just fight because we love each other. when he touches me it feels like a thousand sparks are flying in the air. one time i heard he had a sex dream about someone else. i got so angry not at him for having it. u cant really... [Read More]

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one more chance please (kinda long)


31 Mar, 2010 07:13 AM

One day I walk across the hall in my school and I was really happy but turned out that my day got ruin, just because everyone started to tease me and my boyfriend just because they never had a relationship but I got over with that day and I found out that there was another couple in my grade. That were the 2 only couples in my grade (unbelievable). Later we have a 4 night school trip and I was surprise that he came up to me during the school trip and told me that I have change his life into a better place and I smiled. During that day the teachers found out about the two relationship, soon after dinner they divide the girls and boys into this separate room. Both girls and boys had to talk about the two relationship. It was the worst night because they told... [Read More]

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I would never believe

Tasha L.

30 Mar, 2010 06:01 PM

We met online and we spoke for a awhile. We went out on dates that I couldn't forget. I loved you. Everything went alright after a 11 months. It would almost be a year. Until I heard you where getting into problems with alcohol. Your friends didn't like me. And you never cared to stand up for me whenever they where there. I gave you a second chance. But you abused that chance. I cried all night. Thinking I would never find a decent guy who cares and loves me. Why did you betray me like that all of the sudden? Was I not worth it? Now I have another boyfriend. And he's better then you'd ever be. Now you want to ask me why I broke up with you. And that I was your queen. Your heart. Your everything. Bullshit. If I was your everything you would of never... [Read More]

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secret love


29 Mar, 2010 09:19 AM

ok so i am 13 years old. i no its too young for love, but i just fell right into it. my boyfriend i really do love and my mother found out i was dating him so she sneak around finding every little bit of information about him. then came to me and said that i had to brake up wit him cuz he was a bad influence. which he wasn't. he might of gotten into a little trouble but not big time trouble. hes a 13 year old boy. that's wat they do. so i broke up with him because i am deeply afraid of what my mother might do to me. but a week later he wanted me back he begged me he said he couldn't live without me, and i honestly i couldn't live without him either so i said yes cuz i didn't want to lose... [Read More]

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second chance


28 Mar, 2010 08:04 PM

when you came back for a second chance. i was so happy, i thought you hated me and always will. you just don't know how happy i was that we both wanted to give it a try again.the thing that was getting in the way and my fear was loving each other again. but i knew i loved him and he told me he loved me. but then i started to get confused because everyday we would either walk home or text each other. we would constantly argue. i was always sad because you didnt know how much i cared about you and loved you oo so much. then one night we hung out at the park and i actually realized that he doesnt show how he feels about me and un wanted , i would have to move on. but throughout my freshmen year i started talking to you... [Read More]

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you promised forever.


28 Mar, 2010 05:11 PM

okay, so there's this guy. we've been off and on since like forever! last year and this the beginning of this year i found out he still had feelings for me ever since we broke up last year. so, of course i went back with him.he broke up with me 3 days later. i didn't understand why? i was devastated. it hurt so much. then 3 months later, i went to my friends party. my ex was there and a bunch of my friends and his friends. everyone at the party played spin the bottle. it was an awesome time. Right then and there i could see myself falling for my ex again. i promised myself i wouldn't but i did. pretty so everyone at the party became friends with benefits. my ex and all the other guys kissed me and my friends goodnight. But my ex's kiss was... [Read More]

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HELP!! continued


24 Mar, 2010 11:06 AM

ok sooo i started dating zac and its been amazingg so far.. :) i was texting him yesterday and he asked me out at 5:17 pm :) hehe i was soo happy, i was running across the house screaming.. my heart was beating fast i was soo happy.. he told me he wanted to kiss me.. i agreed to. he told me he wanted to at breakfast.. i was up for it.. we texted all night until i fell asleep.. this morning i wen to breakfast and there he was.. sitting there.. looking gorgeous as always :))!! i was soo nervous.. im always afraid to come close to him.. im afraid that id say something and heed just walk away.. but he tole me not to worry about it.. and i wont :).. we talked all through breakfast.. and walked in the halls together.. even when i went to the... [Read More]

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