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why do i hurt so bad

pay day

30 May, 2010 07:48 PM

As i walk through the door i see him, he's leaning against his locker... I tell myself deep breath and just keep walking. when i got to my locker and started to open it i saw my friends really messy locker and i said: wow! you have a messy locker... she said: why are you looking?... i said: it's kinda hard to miss! He started to laugh it was all good then the next day like five of his friends came running up to me and said: Devin said it's over and i said: i don't care! and they walk off. After that my friend ask me what was wrong i just walked away... when i got home i tried my best not to cry and i didn't but the next day i went to school my friends surrounded me and asked what was wrong i didn't say anything. Finally i couldn't take it anymore i told them and that i felt like so bad... A few days went by and i was feeling even worse and we had a dance that night and i saw that his new girl fiend kissed him and that was like so heart breaking i had tears in my eyes... when i got home i laid down on my picnic table i thought to myself is this it? am i ever going to get over him? and was this it? was i too heart broken to move on? those questions raced through my mind like crazy. 2 weeks past and i got his phone number so i texted him and i was like so down and we started to talk and later on i said that he probably used me and he said: so what if i did? i stopped texting. When 4months went by i was over him for like along time but kinda still have a crush on him i just forgot what had happend and moved on. Sooooo as soon as we got out of school for the summer i had alot of fun. my cousin said she's going to try to hook me up with some 1 but i know it will never happen.
P.S. i've been single since he broke up with me!!! :(

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Victoria Black <3 says:
07 Aug, 2010 03:32 AM

i know the sorry....he's a jerk for that he used you....summer is almost did you get hooked up or not? I WISH U DID!!

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