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01 Jun, 2010 12:44 PM

ther's a girl that in love with a man and been with him for 2years there are so really sweet each other and every weeken the girl need to go home from her store coz her fiancee wanted to see her and talk to her on the cam coz they are so far away from each other but there heart are so close each other and one day the girl find out that she has leukemia but she didn't say it to anybody but she cant hind it to her fiance... her fiancee find out that she is dying and her fiancee is so worried and one day the girl family found the piece of paper from the doctor and her mum read it and the tears start to fall down and her mum tell her why its you? why all that i love the most need to die? the... [Read More]

Tags: Manilyn, Sick, Lost
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