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I want you!

Trinaa Anna

10 May, 2010 12:37 PM

I just moved to Finland, and I was really sad, because I lost all of my friends back in the other country. The guy that I met on the internet went to the same school as I do now, last year. So we started talking like 4 or mby even 5 months ago. I know that sounded weird, "i met him on the internet" and all of my new friends were making fun of me .. liking him :( so one day he decided to come to Finland and visit his "old" friends. So he came and, we didn't have any time to be alone, or to talk and stuff. And it was really awkward between us, in real life. So on the end of the day, when we went to Mc(loads of ppl) , I got really upset about the fact that he is leaving to his home, and that we didn't spend any time together. And I went running and crying out of the Mc Donald's. I just, got really pissed and ... I cant describe the feeling. Then I set on this steps, and again started walking. I didn't know what to do. I felt it was like my heart is gonna seriously fall into pieces. Then I heard some1 running behind me. It was him, he was running and after that, he hugged me from behind. I know you will say "ahhh how romantic". Its not, at least for him not. Because he really wants to be just friends. And I cry and cry over him, but its just that ... he told me to my face "i dont like you, i wanna be friends" and ... I just dont know what to write because Im just crying while writing this. Now we still talk, and he is coming to Finland again in one month. But ... I don't know what to say to him, or .. you know? OOhh and we are going to the movies as friends :) Can some1 comment or something? Just tell me what to do ... :) thank you

P.S. my life got really upsetting because of him not liking me :(

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29 Apr, 2018 10:38 PM

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