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lost love (never forgotten continued)


23 Apr, 2010 10:06 AM

continue-ation story.
i told you guys bout my boyfriend that died in the car crash.. well this is a continuation story. ironically the day i posted the story i was out at a friends house when we decieded to go see an old friend. we got to the house he was at and went inside there was some boy that i had seen around alot for the past year shortly after my boyfriend died. i remember seeing him on the town bus and i just laid eyes on him he looked identical to my boyfriend i bawled. than id see him at the fair, at the mall but i could never build up enough guts to find out who he was. but it was him at that house that night was my night to finally figure out who he was. so he asked for my number i gave it to him we talked all night and he said he wanted to see me the next day. so we went to my friends party and got to know each other for the next couple weeks which felt like forever we were inseparable i felt like my baby had come back just in a different person because they were so much alike. but one day a day we were supposed to hangout his brother took him driving i was so scared i hated him getting in vehicles but he went anyways. turns out they went to Vancouver and have been there for a very long time now. and i feel as heart broken as i did when my boy died. we dont talk anymore just here and there but i know i wont be able to see him anytime soon because hes still stuck up there. its like ive lost the one i love .. twice

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fireworks says:
07 May, 2010 07:50 PM

wow! that is so sad
i'm soo sorry for u

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dreamer says:
07 Nov, 2010 02:50 PM

hopefully he will come back and i do believe the one you love cn come back but in anothers person thats what happened to me i have a best guy friend and he acting like brother so much i lost my brother last year. so i kno how you feel !!!!!!!!!!!! and o sorry about your boyfriend .

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