why do i hurt so bad

pay day

30 May, 2010 07:48 PM

As i walk through the door i see him, he's leaning against his locker... I tell myself deep breath and just keep walking. when i got to my locker and started to open it i saw my friends really messy locker and i said: wow! you have a messy locker... she said: why are you looking?... i said: it's kinda hard to miss! He started to laugh it was all good then the next day like five of his friends came running up to me and said: Devin said it's over and i said: i don't care! and they walk off. After that my friend ask me what was wrong i just walked away... when i got home i tried my best not to cry and i didn't but the next day i went to school my friends surrounded me and asked what was wrong i didn't say anything. Finally... [Read More]

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Kissing air

Fallen hydra

30 May, 2010 01:43 PM

Kissing air You chased after me. I shove open the door with a deafening crash, slamming it against the opposite wall. You rise and call out to me, incoherent words and meaningless phrases. The late afternoon light is bronze and sears my cheeks without notice. The suitcase in hand is empty, barren and void like a desert; what do I have to take it with me when you've plundered and stolen everything else? The lonely dirt road is strangely unfamiliar but the train station is in sight. I stride towards it. You caught my hand. As you wretch my body to face towards you, your gasps surge down my face and your dark eyes distort, wild with fear. You ask me stupidly if I was really going. When I recoil away, you pluck me back again as if I am a flower that bends away from your oppressive wind. Staring... [Read More]

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Real Heart breaking Story


30 May, 2010 06:51 AM

True story... if u have time plz read commeent............. I am sorry to say that u cannot feel the pain hidden in this story. This story is about my love, which remained unfulfilled My story begin the day when i started my first class, at that time i was a child , I liked a girl, I was always very close to her , we share lunch , we exchange our notes and completes each other notes . In sixth class.I loved her more then my life, I decide to tell her about my love , I wrote a love letter and put it in her bag, She read but there was no reply from her side and she stop talking with me, but still I liked her very much. In Eight class there were two division A and B. we were divided she was in A and I was... [Read More]

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Should i be happy or sad?


29 May, 2010 07:54 AM

My life has always given me suprises....i come from a middle class family..we couldnt get everything but we were happy but despite the days my mum n dad would fight....til my dad would beat my mum....my dad would be violent wen he was drunk....then when my sis was 19 she got married...she wasnt realy sure about it bt my mum said just do it...she wasnt happy with the guy...he would beat her up n they would argue all the time..aftr their kids they became better....i always thought things would be different for me...but no....when i turned 16 my sister's aunt came to us to get me n her son hooked up....n my mum agreed...i felt like kiling myslf....n d worst was wen my dad wasnt drunk my mum was dominant n when she said this would hapen...i agreed but i said i wanna get married when i am at least... [Read More]

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how can i move on?


26 May, 2010 11:12 PM

nine months ago, i met a girl. she was perfect and beautiful and sexy. her smile, her body, her hair... everything was absolutely perfect... her skin was the perfect complexion with the perfect tint of tan, her auburn hair flowed like water, and her pale green eyes were always shielded behind long, long lashes. after one month of becoming pretty much best friends, i fell in love with her. we shared our first kiss when we were laying under the stars one night and everything progressed from there. we were dating without the label, because i never really asked her out. we were together for four months before i lost my virginity to her, and she lost hers to me. and, that's when i was sure that she loved me just like i loved her. we spent every day together, when winter came. we didn't see each other much from... [Read More]

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loosing a loved and boyfriend

terri-jo linklater

23 May, 2010 07:14 PM

one day i met up with a really nice looking guy that looked like the boy i met when i was younger and i found out that was him and we stared hanging out and it was love at first sight , started going out for almost a year probably about 11 and a half months between those months i lost a good friend , she had committed suicide , broke my heart and couldnt stop crying until i would see him , i kept my head high for him , just to see him happy every day . probably around new years (09) i went to his house while he was babysitting his little cousin , and before i left his house i kept on telling him " i love you soo much " and he kept on telling me " i love you more " , and he... [Read More]

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Never Forgotten


21 May, 2010 10:13 PM

It's been at least four years since this incident happened. It was a complicated time. For the first time I saw my mother talking to my dad and she was crying;I've never seen her cry before. Then the next night both of my parents told me and my brother the big news,"Were having a divorce."I just stood there speechless. But the words that came from my mouth that night were the words of the me that was about to break. "Why? why does this have to happen? Can't we work it out like we always have?" And by that time i didn't notice but I found myself crying. A year later I was with my mom in Las Vegas. Asking her if she should really spend the child support money on couch bags. The only thing she said was,"It's alright I have more money coming in next month."And all I'm... [Read More]

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The most hurt ever


21 May, 2010 01:36 PM

This is my story , this is my pain the pain that I think I will never heal from it, it's hurts me so bad just like somebody had just stab me in my heart and just kill it kill it . I thought we will never reach this but unfortunately we did every time I saw her I felt happy because her face brought happiness in my life I still remembered her words she said we will never be apart we will be friends for ever but we didn't we had a fight ? I don't feel sad about having a fight but I'm sad and dying from inside because I think I'm losing her I never thought this will ever happen but it did and my heart has just fall apart and I don't think that I have the courage to hold my tears to hold my pain... [Read More]

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My Mistake...


20 May, 2010 10:03 PM

Sitting on the abandoned train tracks; Sitting on the docks, dipping out toes in the freezing water; Sneaking away from reality to escape to a fantasy where I was the gorgeous heroine and he was my hero; Spending all night together... This was a normal day for me. It was about one month from the ending of school, when I met Drew. He was all I could ever ask for in a million years. I'm not going to lie, I have been in love before, but this was different. Maybe it was the fact he was a few years older than I and I hadn't dated an older man? I dunno. But it was surely different. From that month on, school was shot to hell because I spent every second with Drew. And I mean every second. I would sneak out almost every night and spend the whole night with... [Read More]

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two years


19 May, 2010 08:31 PM

once up a time, when i was fifteen years old i dated a boy. he was sexy and handsome and just everything i could ask for in mister perfect. he was also very experienced. i was in love about a month and a week into the relationship. although i'd never felt this, i was certain he was it. the months went by as we grew closer and closer. we shared so many secrets and so many memories and we laughed so much. i had never gotten past so much as a kiss with a guy, although i found myself getting in deeper and deeper into wanting more and more from this guy. so, i grew more attached. about two years had past, and we had spent nearly every waking hour together and so many nights together. and, eventually in time, i had lost my virginity to him. i was completely... [Read More]

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