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A reason for life

Nasa common

13 Nov, 2014 12:50 PM

"I like you... please go out with me" I didn't want any of this. Why does my Childhood friend "like" me. We are childhood friends. I can never love him like that. I'll hurt him. I haven't told him yet. I haven't got time.....I'm dying, Alex. Please stop. "Clare...I" "STOP IT!...I DIDNT WANT ANY OF THIS! no...please" I ran as far as I could. Further, Further, Slower and slower. While tears kept streaming down my face, i came to a stop. "I love you Alex but i just can't...I" "Clare! what are you doing!" My Mum was running towards me. I looked down, seeing the ocean beneath my feet. "what?" I was standing right at the tip of a cliff. "Don't move!" My mum grabbed me with all her might. Darkness started conquering my eyes. It's now the third day after Alex said those terrifying words to me. We only... [Read More]

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My Amnesia Girl


25 Feb, 2013 06:05 AM

This was a true story of mine. It started when I was in first year college when I met my first love. It was our Intramural at school. We were both badminton players so that’s how we became close.. texting each other every day even after the Intramural we still talk. One night she was sad and texted me that she misses Jay. I asked her who he was he and told me that Jay was her boyfriend for 1 year. It was their first anniversary when unfortunately; he died with the car accident. And only her mother survived who was seated on the passenger’s seat. That night I wanted to hug and comfort her, instead, I made a joke and told her.. ”Don’t worry, he is just there looking at you..awoooooh..haha” trying to make a wolf sound. It’s good that she smiled on her reply. Days passed until I... [Read More]

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LoVe wiLL FinD a WaY


13 Jul, 2010 03:27 AM

There once lived a girl named Rachel. She was a beautiful and smart girl. Every time she hears about her friends talking about ?LOVE?, she would laugh really hard. For her, Education is the first thing. One day, there was this transferee named Sydney who was popular and was her rival in impressing the teachers. They really have a tight competition going on. Rachel really tries her best to keep her rank, but still she is always 2nd in line, next to Sydney. Then Rachel had this strange feeling every time Sydney is around, which she does not understand. She said to herself ? You must treat him as an enemy, ALWAYS! The feeling you are feeling is just the determination to defeat him!?. But one day, Rachel realized that what she have been feeling was true! Which she can?t confess to Sydney, but she still tried to be friends... [Read More]

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