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A reason for life

Nasa common

13 Nov, 2014 12:50 PM

"I like you... please go out with me" I didn't want any of this. Why does my Childhood friend "like" me. We are childhood friends. I can never love him like that. I'll hurt him. I haven't told him yet. I haven't got time.....I'm dying, Alex. Please stop. "Clare...I" "STOP IT!...I DIDNT WANT ANY OF THIS! no...please" I ran as far as I could. Further, Further, Slower and slower. While tears kept streaming down my face, i came to a stop. "I love you Alex but i just can't...I" "Clare! what are you doing!" My Mum was running towards me. I looked down, seeing the ocean beneath my feet. "what?" I was standing right at the tip of a cliff. "Don't move!" My mum grabbed me with all her might. Darkness started conquering my eyes. It's now the third day after Alex said those terrifying words to me. We only... [Read More]

Tags: Second Chance, Love, Amnesia
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