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LoVe wiLL FinD a WaY


13 Jul, 2010 03:27 AM

There once lived a girl named Rachel. She was a beautiful and smart girl. Every time she hears about her friends talking about ?LOVE?, she would laugh really hard. For her, Education is the first thing. One day, there was this transferee named Sydney who was popular and was her rival in impressing the teachers. They really have a tight competition going on. Rachel really tries her best to keep her rank, but still she is always 2nd in line, next to Sydney. Then Rachel had this strange feeling every time Sydney is around, which she does not understand. She said to herself ? You must treat him as an enemy, ALWAYS! The feeling you are feeling is just the determination to defeat him!?. But one day, Rachel realized that what she have been feeling was true! Which she can?t confess to Sydney, but she still tried to be friends with Sydney but she still didn?t give up in her studies, she still kept in mind to defeat Sydney. One day, she went to Sydney?s house to study together. She knocked on the door and the door was opened by a woman who may be was their maid. The woman said ? Why are you here? Are you Sydney?s friend? Didn?t he tell you that they would be moving to Japan?? Rachel was shocked, she couldn?t even get one word out of her mouth. She went home crying. She didn?t even had a chance to say goodbye.
~ 5 years later ~ There were news that Sydney is back, that made Rachel happy. She wasn?t angry at Sydney for she said to herself ? I love him, forever? Even if I have to wait my whole life.? Again, she tried going to Sydney?s house and did what she did last time. Fortunately, Sydney was the one to open. ? Remember me ? I?ve been waiting for you!? said Rachel. But what Sydney said was ? Excuse me? Who are you??
?I?m Rachel!?
? But I don?t remember anyone that was named Rachel.?
? Sydney, who is that?? Sydney?s mother shouted.
?Mrs. Sullivan, this is Rachel.? Rachel shouted.
?Oh my! Rachel, come on in.?
?Good afternoon Mrs. Sullivan? Rachel said.
? Good afternoon Rachel. You can call me Carmen, no need for formalities. What can I do for you??
? Ummm? Actually I came here to visit Sydney, but it seems he doesn?t remember me anymore. Why is that??
?I?m so sorry to say this to you but while we were at Japan, Sydney had a car accident and have experienced amnesia.?
?Oh, I see. That?s all I need to know Carmen. I have to go.? Rachel was broken hearted , she felt like she was left once again. She felt like giving up. Then one day, Sydney?s mother came over to Rachel?s house and gave Rachel a diary Sydney has written from the day Rachel and Sydney met. It was written there that from the beginning, Sydney had feelings for Rachel too. This gave Rachel the courage to try again. She tried everything she can to help Sydney remember her. She did things which they did together before but for Sydney, Rachel is just a girl who keeps following him, which irritates him. Then one day, Rachel was just shocked to see Sydney with a other girl, she was broken hearted again but this time she let go of Sydney if that?s what makes him happy and she thought if they really are meant for each other, then Sydney would be the one to come back. Rachel just went with Sydney in different ways and concentrate in school. She was always happy to see Sydney happy.
The end ?

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