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a day that ends everything .

Andrea Nicole Lopez

13 Jul, 2010 05:38 PM

A boy and a girl dated for 7 months , it was at school where everything started and was to take an end :

He was about to break up with the girl after lunch , but when he heard saying that the girl would suicide if he breaks up with the girl , he changed his mind . . . After school , when the girl heard that the boy wanted to break up with the girl but didn't , she went to talk with the boy face to face for about 25min. about what she heard and stuff . So 25min. passed , they were more silent than talking then they look at each other's eyes without saying a word. Suddenly , the girl decided to ask him if he'll be capable to stay with her with the difficulty that they were both handling on their relation and the boy was speechless . The girl couldn't think of anything else to ask him cos he was not really answering much . . A while passed and nothing was really happening. So the girl finally asked what she had inside her heart, if he rather break up with her or still be together with those difficulties that they were both having and try to work things out. A little silent passed and the boy answered ; " yes , im breaking up " he said slowly . The girl was about to cry after what she heard, but she just took control of her emotions cause she didn't really wanted the boy to see her crying. In the other side, while the boy saw that the girl was about to cry, he gave her his last hug to make her feel better. Later on, the girl asked the boy if he was sure about his answer and the boy was silent for a moment.. The girl asked him the same question again and with the low voice, the boy answered ; " yes " to her. After that, the girl told the boy to leave because the girl got the boy's answer. The boy still didn't wanted to leave so the girl said she was gonna be fine. . and he should be the one to leave. But the boy didn't wanted to leave also, so again the girl told the boy how she was gonna be fine and he must leave. The same thing happened repeatedly. A while ago, the girl just turn her head on the side cause she couldn't stand to see him no more then a silent came between them. For the last time , the girl repeated again that he could leave and finally the boy left with his friends. The girl sat for a while on the same place where they both talked. Until, she decided to leave and go somewhere far with the pain she was feeling and tears on her face. So, when she got there, she tried to find a place where she can sit and calm her self down. So she found a place under a tree and she kept thinking about her miserable life she was always living. With that , she took her agenda and wrote this story that happened to her that day.


thanks for your time :')

Tags: Breakup, Lost
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Hazel Diane says:
30 Jul, 2010 11:34 PM

U know...Even the boy hurts u...still...he still cares 4 u...

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