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You taught me how to love...
But not how to stop...
I am killed with the dagger of life
- Draconian
Submitted By: Bony Yousuf
Tags: Death, Suffering, Pain, Unloved
...behind this is smile, is a sad clown...
It feels like spikes tearing through my heart in selfish agony, I cared And shared everything for you, only for u to move on easily 
..for it is a betrayal of yours that had the deepest cut.
It doesn't matter how painful it is
What matter is how you tolerate it.
Tags: Suffering, Pain, Sad, Life
the day you went away, my world slipped away, 
as if I were to roam the sky with a thousand butterflies, 
the moon tonight is clouded with the blackness that is when the sorrow turns into the upmost joy, 
thinking that the moon will carry it all away, all the pain for today.
People don't die from suicide, they die from sadness.
the tears were like acid on my skin, 
the ones you caused and never spill, 
happy you are with the new guy, 
sad I am of being the old one.
"The hurting will be mended when you return to end it"
The right person will come,, 
once you have suffered enough to deserve her