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I have died everyday waiting for you.
Love is for the strong ones cause you have to suffer to find true love
What doesn't kill you .. makes you wish it did.
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I no longer have the strength to play this game of lies and pain
After all the pain I've faced .......I should have been unbreakable by now.... But unfortunately I'm not...
You want to stop loving 'that someone'. 
You've tried so many ways but you just cant. 
You've even done something 
that crushed your heart into pieces, 
but everything you did seems worthless.
- R
Submitted By: ThatGirl
Tags: Hurt, Pain, Sadness, Suffering, Tears, Hopeless
After so long of your heart aching you start to forget what normal feels like.
Living life everyday will struggling through the pain? How can someone ever be strong enough to over come it? Have you ever had your heart ripe out, felt agony repeated to the point of insanity? What's the point anymore. What's left to lose?
I thought losing you would hurt but no; i think am so much better without you. I can now fly and touch the sky without you pulling me down.
- alexander Mussah
Submitted By: Alexander Mussah
Tags: Suffering, Let Go
"My love, I cannot bear this any longer. I have found a new lover. His name is death and we shall unite tonight."
- Shadow Queen
Submitted By: Bl@ck G0th
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