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....she was  astray...
distress about things that baffling her mind... was just an irrational and troubled MASK...
needed to be trashed.... :(
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Why? Why don't my tears fall? 
How I wish that the tears will slide down my face.
But, they never do.
I've lost the ability to bawl.
All I feel is my chest caving in.
I can't even muster a sad smile.
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It sucks how some people use you when they need you and then they put you aside like you didn't even matter to them from the beginning...
- K!M
i don't know you remembered that night or not...
but i did,the sky with starz and love...
and i remember you every single night..
but i dont know you remembered that night or not...
- ronell shawn
Submitted By: ronell
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The ones that have been through the most are always the strongest: the fact that they are still here is proof of their strength.
I knew how it would end I guess I wanted to pretend. That the enemy wasn't you, that I wouldn't have to suffer too

I guess it all comes down to us, Afraid to depend on trust, You were there to make it hurt, I was there to disappear into the dirt
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I'm sad alone 
no care in the world 
once i'm gone in to the darkness
you can never bring me back
- -me ''Emiko"
Submitted By: Emiko Kiryu
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Love is a joke...but you choose whether to make happiness or sadness of the joke .
Does the joke make you laugh or cry?
Is the joke offensive or fun-nny?
- anna
Submitted By: areyanna777
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" they say "everything will be fine, just keep hoping" but the question is when? how? what if already lost hope in the beginning?
To be with you is all I ever wanted. If I could just feel your arms around me, I'll be fine. But you don't're just my fantasy. Just a dream, not reality.