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Should I smile because we're friends or should I cry 
because that's all we'll ever be?
When the crying time is over
And u dont feel anything anymore
All you want to do is to sleep
And you want to be asleep forever
I miss you, like how baby misses their pacifier.
Tags: Miss, Love, Lonely, Missing
If we're not suppose to be together again,i wish to not see you again.
- K!M
I prefer the darkness. It makes it harder for me to look around and see just how alone I really am.
Loneliness teaches me everything in this world..,Except,How to forget the person who made me lonely..........
Tags: Lonely, Depressed
Shall I Live Or Shall I Die?
Shall I Go Home And Just Cry?
Tags: Lonely, Upset, Choice
"Some nights i feel shattered inside, but i won't admit it. I know it hurts like hell but have to endure it. For the sake of the people around me,let pain consume me inside."
Tags: Sad, Pain, Alone, Lonely
I think I'd do better on my own, no friends, no fights,just me alone 
Tags: Sad, Lonely