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Every memory repeats, every step I take retreats, every journey always brings me back to you.
Staying with someone you really love even if you know you can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain..
........It feels good but you know it's gonna make you sick.
No one will ever know the pain I feel inside.
.......I never seen myself as "worth it" for you to take a chance on me....
.......  so I won't tell you how I feel, even if you do.
Friendship is there to fix the pain that Love had made.
I no longer have the strength to play this game of lies and pain
I know how it is to feel the last drop of happiness disappear. 
......And believe me, it's not fun, at all.
If there really were angels, would they let us feel this pain, much less keep the scar as a reminder?
- Lilianna
Submitted By: Dawn
Tags: Love, Sadness, Pain, Scar, Angels
When you took your love away, you forgot to take what was still in my heart.
You want to stop loving 'that someone'. 
You've tried so many ways but you just cant. 
You've even done something 
that crushed your heart into pieces, 
but everything you did seems worthless.
- R
Submitted By: ThatGirl
Tags: Hurt, Pain, Sadness, Suffering, Tears, Hopeless