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Name: Sabrina
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About Me: i love to wrote poems. Im canadian so mostly of my poems are in french but i do understand english a. lot . But sorry if i do mistakes in my poems are stories. Im a sensitive girl .
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to be honest i would love to be with you lol u sound so funny. I hope theres a girl that thinks like me near your house and that will go for you and will care a lot just how much u deserve it. *thumbs up * You can do it ! just dont give up.
i will mail you because i dont have facebook but give me ur email i cant find you.
thanks guys for all the comments . i feel less lonely i know people that are understanding me
i hope you love story will end better than mine
Hello Lesley, i went through about the same thing but i never really got over it. im still regreting to didnt go to the funeral of my grandpa . but i was only 7 when hes dead . he was my best friend. my parents werebt letting me go with them to the hospital and i didnt go to funeral because it was the first dead i lived and i was scared that people would laugh at me if i cry.. im still regret to had think like this. we gotta be strong ! im sorry for your aunt. i


Total Submissions: 4
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