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Block the sounds and the voices in your head. Let it go and move on. The best remedy isn't time... The only choice we have to keep living is to harden our hearts and push through hard times.
life: once you have it, you can't get rid of it until it kills you.
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I guess Simple things in life makes you think twice
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and I keep living like everything is allright, even when I wanna die...
- AnA
Tags: Death, Life, Hate, Lonely
"If someone is bullying you, stand up because you're strong,
Just be you, because it starts with you"
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I've fallen for you,
You've fallen for me.
Stay with me,
Just one more day.
If life taught me anything, it taught me to never trust a man again. It taught me to never fall in love again. Because humans will always let you down. Being alone might be better than being hurt a thousand times over and over again by the same person who never even gives you a glance.
Life is like a game, there are winners, as there are losers
- Alan Zhu
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"Born in this world as it all falls apart"
- Hollywood Undead
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Thus, I can neither live without you nor with you.
- Ovid
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