I know there's better things out there,
But you're my everything.
The one I'm still alive for
The one I won't lose
That's why I'll do anything
Just to hold you.
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
Tags: Broken, Broken Hearted, Hurt, Missing, Unloved
I will wait till the day I can forget YOU or
the day you realise you can’t forget Me.
Tags: Hurt, Pain, Unloved
"Remember that as you cut through your skin your cutting through my heart, and it kills me."
- unknown voice
Submitted By: Carolina Largo
Tags: Stay Strong, Self-harm, Hurt, Cut
"Never take someone for granted because once they are gone youll feel as lonley as losing your own soul and you won't reconize yourself"
Tags: Lost, Missing, Hurt
"Now hush child. Wipe those tears. Life is too short for so much sorrow."
- Moira O'hara (Frances Conroy)
Submitted By: Julian Raymond
Tags: Sorrow, Tears
The only time I realized I fell in love with you was the only moment I found out that you had already belonged to someone else.
"sometimes you just need to cry and that's okay. Tears are a way you're eyes express how hurt you are when you're mouth can't possibly put it into words."
Love is a joke...but you choose whether to make happiness or sadness of the joke .
Does the joke make you laugh or cry?
Is the joke offensive or fun-nny?
- anna
Submitted By: areyanna777
Tags: Joke, Love, Laugh, Cry, Offensive, Funny, Sadness
I'm here waiting for you....but you never come.....
" they say "everything will be fine, just keep hoping" but the question is when? how? what if already lost hope in the beginning?