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"One-sided Love"

Mae Anne Labuguen

19 Jun, 2015 05:21 AM
You came into my life,
You came into my life,
 and I felt free.

With you, I learned what happiness is.
You have showed me I haven't seen,
You made me feel something I haven'e felt.
Everything around me is in a blur,
And the only clear is you.

You taught me how to smile,
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Tags: Unrequited, Unloved
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Friend zone

Cristina de Guzman

30 Jan, 2013 09:17 AM
Friend zone

I've gone astray,
'to an abyss of 
forlorn dreams,

beneath the dismal sky
where moon and Orion
shine bright in oblivion,

where strength is starved
to summon the warmth
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Tags: Friendship, Unrequited, Friends, Old English
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