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Life Taught Me


07 May, 2013 05:29 PM
Life taught me how to listen to lies and believe..
And when people let me down, 
I can stand on my feet..

How to love , how to hate, 
how to make everything clear..
I can live alone and survive.. 
When the silence is the only thing I can hear..

How to break hearts how to be mean.. 
How to promise that I'm  gonna stay then just leave..
I can lose my friend for the one I love..
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Tags: Sadness, Strong, Deperession, Smile, Broken, Life, Moving On
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29 Mar, 2010 10:42 AM
I'm gonna smile
And make you think I'm happy.
I'm gonna laugh
So you won't see me cry.
Even if it kills me, I'm gonna smile...
For you.

You've never used betrayal
To get your way with me.
You've never resolved to arguing,
And this intrigues me.
I'll only smile for you,
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Tags: Love, Smile
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