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Hidden Pains

John Collins

30 Oct, 2017 12:17 PM
The tear-drops fall off her nose,
when she finds herself alone,
She cries out where nobody goes,
her feelings remain unknown. 

But her wet eyes tell me a story,
of being in solitude and pain;
I can read her eyes, and memory,
glares inside again and again. 

Never shows the scars of her past,
hidden under the thin clothes;
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Tags: Sad Love, Break Up, Hidden Pain, Sorrow
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27 Oct, 2014 03:23 AM
Is it so hard to decipher the poorly encrypted code placed on my face?
"I'm tired" "I'm just tired" "I'm fine, I'm just fucking tired"

Is this so believable that you're left with nothing to inquire? 
Or is there something less forming, some lack of desire? 
The thoughts in my head are swarming, that no one is caring.

I always get left behind, there's just me being lonely and alone.
"It's OK, I'm really fine. It's just hard to sleep when I'm at home."
Just a second glance, it's all that I ask.

I'm at the brink of tears, I need some help before my skin tears.
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Tags: Tired, Alone, Anger, Apart, Pain, Broken, Betrayal, Cry, Cut, Cold, Death, Depression
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28 Jun, 2013 05:31 PM
And now i could feel the clouds
building in my eyes
dark clouds of Nimbers
consumed me like an ocean fog
tones of thunders
screams of butchery

my conscience, my heart, my soul
all screamed in my head
with tongues of fire
soulless lonely walks
distant desires
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Tags: Hidden Pain, Sad, Loneliness, Love
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Promises Made

neil pathrick aman

12 Jun, 2013 08:22 AM
Yesterday's goals, dim memories.
Dark saddened eyes, blurring with tears.
Painful scars borne; Love's history.
Futures crumble when doubt appears.

No brightly lit hope envisioned, 
When following after harsh words.
Hurt soul splits in twain, partitioned.
Swooned by appeal - when numbness lured.

Apologies made, never bought.
Price paid turned out far too costly.
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Tags: Hurt, Heartbroken, Hidden Pain
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The Real Me


21 Jul, 2012 10:58 PM
Sometimes I worry
 Its always different
Will people find out?
 Finally meet the real me?
No one has ever met her,
 The real me
She's locked up inside'
 Can't get out.

No one can meet her
 I won't let them.
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Tags: Sad, Alone, Dark, Hidden Pain, Depressed
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03 Jan, 2012 03:28 PM
As I sit here 
And watch the pour dwindle down
I feel myself begin to tear
These memories begin to spin me around

I see my grievances
Truth be told, there are several
Tragic romances
And all my life, to be general

I see those days
And they are a curse
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Tags: Love, Fake, Sorrow, Hidden Pain
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