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Man of The World

timothy long

06 Apr, 2016 03:48 PM
Foolish children is what i say, 
reckless love's made me rue every day, 
fuck you, 
no one has a clue, 
live my life and you'll kill yourself to, 
you'll have to get to know me, 
maybe it will get better one day, 
but im not exist in a world so gray, 
im dead anyway, 
why must these thoughts ring true, 
why cant i be you, 
i have nothing while you have something,
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Tags: Sadness, Death, Suicide, Loss, Crying, Tears, Peace, Greif, Love
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04 May, 2012 12:12 AM
Remember the sight,
Remember, Remember
Remember the sight when I first saw your face.

Remember the sound,
Remember, Remember
Remember the sound when I when I first heard your voice.

Remember the joy,
Remember, Remember
Remember the joy when you said you’d be mine.
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Tags: Sadness, Letter, Remember, Forget, Love, Greif, Death
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