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~My Paradise~

Jeanie Leyba

05 Dec, 2015 03:21 AM
My heart it aches
The tears fall like rain
My soul is empty
My pain consumes me

I'm always drowning
In my deep dark despair
Struggling to breathe
I'm suffocating again

I'm numb from the wounds
Lost in the black mist in my world
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Tags: Pain, Despair
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Island of Grief

Camille Chandler

12 Aug, 2015 03:10 AM
Grief keeps it's own record of healing
no one or anyone can feel your deepest pain
One can walk beside you
but never within the walls of your suffering heart
One can listen...and offer their ..."I am here for you"
One can pray...for the life you grieve is the one that is 
shared by many

but as you walk on your soulful is yours alone
you take that weak moment and make it strong
you take a sorrowful situation and douse it with a happy life event
you take those tears of sorrow...and dampen the mouth of someone who thirsts
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Tags: Despair
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