Hatred of Love


28 Mar, 2010 05:45 PM
I walk away mad
You wonder whats wrong
I think you should know
That it has been so long

You don't hold my hand
Although you think you do 
And when was the last time
You said, "I love you"

We never hug in public
It just doesn't make sense
And when we try to kiss
It will feel a little intense

Our love doesn't matter
At least not to you
You don't even care
That I care about you

Why won't you love me?
I ask you this today
"I do love you baby.."
Is all that you say

But I don't believe it
Because I'm allergic to bullsh*t
And maybe next time 
You won't joke around with it

So my last goodbye to you
Will not be sincere
"You don't deserve love"
I don't wish you well dear..
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