What HE has done

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28 Jul, 2011 08:24 PM
The man,
The man came to me,
He said I was lovely,
I listened
And payed the price.

The yells,
Yells and screams,
Unwanted dreams,
I never wanted,
As it seems.

My body,
A body with cuts that show,
The mans the only one,
That truly knows.

Bleeding on my bed,
All the screams,
Go through my head.

Searching for my dreams,
Just trying,
To ignore the screams.

Falling, I am lost,
A broken heart,
That?s what it costs.

Chances I try to take,
But every time I try,
Something else he breaks.

Sing and dance is what I do,
Spend all my life,
Trying to impress you.

He?s gone, I?m all alone,
No one here to heal,
My wounds caked with stone.

Greatness is in my soul,
But when I speak out,
I become a fool.

People everywhere,
When I walk by,
They all just stare.

Same, I wanted to shout,
They all fit in,
But I stand out.

Running from my fears,
I have no one,
To wipe my tears.

Trusting in my heart,
Somewhere in this world,
I?d have found my part.

Boom, my heart beats slow,
There will be a time,
When I shall glow.

Cheering, I must not boast,
I owe it all,
To my ghost.

Smile, I must not frown,
Many people,
I can?t let down.

Sometimes I pretend I?m okay,
I hold back the tears,
And he just walks away.

The man,
The man came to me,
He said I was lovely,
I listened
And payed the price.

So now my heart is stone,
Wish someone could see,
That all alone,
Left with only me.
Tags: Sad, Life
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FreeSpirit says:
05 Aug, 2012 05:07 AM

I know exactly how you feel and I empathize with tour pain as I am also trying to be strong and recently walked away from a man who neaworly broke MySpace spirit. You deserve to be loved treated. Respect and cherished.

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