13 Jun, 2011 07:59 PM
I thought I was invincible,
until I met you. 
It's truly admissible, 
when you do what you do.

Around me you were flawless,
nothing like what people said. 
Our memories feel so endless,
and I'm hanging by a thread.

Your everything I searched for,
I thought what we had was true.
Every touch left me begging for more,
if only I knew.

I miss when we'd rest,
and you'd kiss my cheek.
My head on your chest,
to comfortable to speak.

They say it was obvious,
when I tell them our story.
That you were too dangerous,
they say I give you to much glory.

I can't help but think of everything that happened,
I  replay it over in my head.
You've left me abandoned,
with so much unsaid.

I'm in need of your voice,
swearing I'm the only thing on your mind.
You leave me with no choice,
how could I have been so blind?

I'd given you all I had,
you made me feel so secure.
You've driven me mad,
I can't take your torture.

If it was love I don't know,
what we had wasn't pure.
Watching you go,
was to much to endure.

I hold no regret,
towards me you were yourself.
I'm largely in debt,
now I'm nothing by myself.

I hope you still think of me,
even if I wasn't enough.
It truly hurts to know we will never be,
my life has gotten rough.

This poem hasn't told of the pain,
of the long nights I've cried.
It drove me insane,
to know that you lied.

You're killing me slowly,
inside and out.
I live half-heatedly,
you drove me a different route.

I'll never forget you,
sometimes I wish that I could.
I know I will make do,
I honestly am misunderstood.

Thanks to you Logan,
no guy measures true.
It seems impossible to love again,
simply because they'll never be you.
Tags: Unloved, Pain, Lie
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