Today i saw her..


19 May, 2017 10:57 PM
Today i saw her, she did not change.

 I called for her but she didnt notice, now that was strange. 

Just because we are not together...
Does that make her forget those romantic rains.

Just a glance, thats what i got
And then she left, i was just looking and was in such a shame

I know she has a life and she is busy .....
But just a call thats all it takes to get me rid of my pain.

I dont show it but i still miss her
But people say cold hearted moron thats what i really am.

I show as those things never hurt , but inside i am so much in pain.

I was so open to you, when you were close, now whom should i share all those things that i have about you and me framed.

I know you no longer care, but your thoughts, your touch, your smile how am i supposed to forget when i am tied in all those chains

Dont worry, i will try and one day i will not miss you maybe thats the day for forever i will faint.
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Salim R Javed says:
22 Jun, 2017 10:31 AM

Nice lines liked it. Wish the rhyming could be bit better overall appreciate your work...

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