The End

Carol Rogers-DeArmitt

19 Apr, 2017 10:48 PM
Sitting in the darkness of a cold and empty life
I failed at being a mother, a sister and a wife.
The pain I feel is real and it scares me half to death 
I pray more times to count for to take my very last breath
The world has always laughed at me
But not like I am funny

More the way you laugh when someone is a stupid dummy
My heart once full of love but nobody wanted to take
Now its full of guilt and shame from all my poor mistakes.
I fight each day for freedom
from this unrelenting rhyme
A rhyme that burns and begs me to
Go all the way this time
So if I do, if I go...  it can not be undone
A decision so very tough to make
Where all the pain is from.
Maybe peace will find me and greet me like a friend ?
But thats the catch ..I'm so afraid
That it is just THE END?!
Tags: Suicidal
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