Stories Woven

Franchesca Mia Reves Tortoza

08 Apr, 2017 05:17 AM
Tales of fantasy
and happy endings.
A prince heroic
a damsel in need of saving.

Hope within tales
of an ideal life.
Love that conquered
all worries and strife.

Then sunset came
and those tales turned dark.
The twinkling stars
gave off no spark.

A soft pillow
and overflowing tears.
A girl who failed
to battle her fears.

The darkness that once
helped her stand strong
blinded her eyes
and drowned out her song.

She tried to reach back
to a tale she had woven
only to find within it
a different story woven.

They were all gone
- her joyful tales -
scattered and battered
to the four gales.

She tried again
to make her hope rise.
But all she could see
were sadness and lies.

She cried herself
to sleep that night.
Gone were the stories
that gave her life light.
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